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Art and Art Galleries in Taos

It is not an exaggeration to state that Taos Is Art.  Indeed visitors to Taos find original artwork on the walls of restaurants, stores, banks, hospital even schools.  That’s before you even go in one of the more than 70 art galleries.  Artists have been coming to Taos for more than 100 years because of the art community and the incredible light and scenery that inspires all types of art including oil paintings, watercolors, photography, sculpture and ceramics.

The Taos Art Colony really began in 1898 and has undergone shifts over the years as more modern artists have come to Taos.

You can enjoy the art simply as a spectator, or as a potential buyer.  On a weekly basis many art galleries have openings where you can look at art as you snack and maybe have a drink.  The Taos Gallery Association has a web site where you can find out what’s happening in many different galleries at:

RC Gorman is one of the most famous recent artists and there is an RC Gorman gallery at 210 Ledoux Street which opened in 1968.

The Taos Artisans Cooperative Gallery features more than 50 different artists.  They are located at 107 Bent Street.

The other reason people come to Taos is to learn about and enhance their own skills as an artist. Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the many famous artists who came to Taos.  In her words she said, “When I got to New Mexico, that was mine.”  One of her legacies is the Ghost Ranch that today continues training artists from around the world.  To learn more visit;’keeffe-tours

SMU AT Taos offers credit courses in art.  Learn more at

The Harwood Museum offers adult education in art as well as interesting lectures. If you are visiting Taos for a week you should check out their schedule of events.