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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of vacation rentals in Taos available for booking. Click here to check them out!

There are several nice cabins in Taos. Some of the best ones are the Casa Bella Cabin/Casita, which features a Los Altos Clubhouse pool, tennis court Stream, deck with a private Hot Tub overlooking the acequia stream, and Wi-Fi. It is halfway between the Town of Taos and Taos Ski Valley, 8 miles in either direction. The Casa Luminosa Cabin / Casita is another lovely cabin featuring a Studio / 1 bath rooftop view deck, a hot tub when the main house is not rented, Los Altos Clubhouse pool, and a tennis court. Coyote Mountain is also a beautiful cabin in Taos. Click here for more options!

The price can vary from cabin to cabin and the features and facilities it offers. The average cost for a 1 bedroom cabin ranges from $87 to $307 per night. Click here to check out various cabins in Taos and their costs.

The Taos Ski Valley usually opens from late November till early April. The perfect time to catch some snowfall and ski in Taos is February to March.

Yes. Taos Ski Valley is one of the best places to ski. It is known for its light, dry powder, undetectable lift lines, steep falls, big bumps, cornices, and tree glades. Visitors aiming to make some untouched powder turns can ride or hike to the top of Kachina Peak.

Taos is perfect for a weekend getaway or a vacation with family and friends. The place offers several activities to do, from hiking, skiing, shopping at art galleries, mountain biking, visiting museums, and more! Taos is also home to notable cultural heritage sites, and it has long been a mecca for artists and creatives from around the globe.

Skiing in Taos Ski Valley is affordable. Although it opens from late November till early or mid-April, the perfect months to enjoy skiing in Taos are February and March.

In a state not often known for skiing, Taos does not see the crowds of more famous destination regions. Although the ski resort is not always crowded, a few exceptions exist during holidays.

Yes. Taos offers plenty of activities in winter. One of the most popular adventure activities is skiing. Taos is the perfect place to visit if you love snowfall and snow activities!

To help you find the cheapest accommodation in Taos, we suggest you go through all the rentals we feature at Premiere Properties and check the costs. We also advise comparing features, facilities, and prices before choosing a vacation rental in Taos.

Cabins usually offer the peace, quietness, and privacy that not all hotels provide their guests. Cabins are also located away from the busy city, roads, and even highways, allowing visitors to enjoy the serenity and tranquility.

Yes. There are tons of vacation rentals in Taos Ski Valley. Click here to check them out!

Casa de las Piedras is one of the luxury vacation rentals near Taos Ski Valley.