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How to Find the Perfect Accommodation for Your Stay in Taos

Published on January 19, 2023 by properties

To truly experience any new city, you have to live as the locals do. The space you inhabit, even briefly, creates an atmosphere in your mind which is much longer lasting than any photograph. It allows you to get a feel for the land you are traveling to and to understand its history. Each culture has its own stories and secrets to share, and these tales cannot be found in generic hotel rooms.

In order to experience the native land, you have to find vacation homes, heritage hotels, lodges, and resorts that are intertwined with the culture of the city you are visiting. Living spaces for tourists in Taos, New Mexico, in this regard, are especially unique considering the history of the city and the artists who have passed through it, leaving a mark on its architecture and design.

After the Spanish colonization of the region of Taos and its subsequent transfer to the United States in 1848, artists started to settle in the area. The Taos Society of Artists was founded in 1915, and the Taos art colony was developed. The entire city serves as a manifestation of artistic creativity, where walls in restaurants, stores, banks, and even hospitals are full of artwork. This contributes to making Toas an ideal vacation spot for artists and enthusiasts.

Taos architecture in itself is very interesting, and that alone makes it worthwhile to choose vacation rentals instead of hotels. The landscape of Taos is filled with houses built in adobe style architecture common in the Southwestern parts of the United States. Building materials made from organic and earthly sources are classified as adobe. Adobe directly translates into English as mudbrick. This connection to the earth and nature is characteristic of Taos.

Vacation Rental

There is no dearth of vacation rentals in Taos that pay homage to their roots and through which you can get an authentic feel for the land you are visiting. These vacation rentals come in the form of entire houses that can be rented by tourists for the period of their stay or even partially occupied homes with locals already living in them, who are more than willing to accommodate new travelers and share their culture with them.

Ski Resorts

During the winter season, if a ski trip is more your speed rather than delving into art and culture, Taos ski valley resort will not disappoint you either. You can experience the Rocky Mountains in all their grandeur and snow-peaked glory from the multiple Tao ski lodging that you can find on Premiere Properties’ website. Even far up in the isolated haven, you can find the cultural heritage that makes Taos so significant. While up at the ski resort, you should visit the local cafés, bike around the mountains, and even take hikes if that gets your blood pumping.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Taos, it is a cultural hub for theater, music, historically significant landmarks, museums, and many lively festivals that will have you coming back again and again.

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