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A Guide to Planning a Taos Ski Valley Vacation

Published on March 13, 2020 by properties

If you are planning a vacation to Taos Ski Valley, summers are the ideal season to drop by! While there are a few Southwestern cities that are sizzling during summers, Taos Ski Valley boasts an awesome temperature. Some outdoor adventure along with some much-needed relaxation is definitely in the cards. Tall pines accompanied by fresh mountain air works wonders if you are looking for a calm surrounding to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a while and de-stress. Also, whether you want to go for an outdoor hike up a mountain trail or are in the mood to experience an adrenaline rush while rafting down the whitewater, the first thing you should do is to book a Taos Ski Valley Vacation Home!


We have curated a list of awesome reasons to visit Taos Ski Valley this vacation season:

  1. We wouldn’t be bragging if we said that Taos Ski Valley is a hiker’s paradise! You get to choose from a wide range of trails. Go for a casual stroll in the morning or set out to conquer an exigent summit trek. Wheeler Peak is the most famous hiking trail, located at a height of more than 13,000 feet! Finishing this trail is going to be an achievement that you will brag about later. You may take the Long Canyon Trail if looking for something a little less ambitious.
  2. Taos Ski Valley offers amazing mountain bike trails. South Boundary Trail is highly recommended. BLM’s Taos Valley Overlook Trails is also a good option if you want to enjoy the panorama as you ride along. It is advisable to look for Taos Ski Valley Vacation Rentals nearby these trails if you plan on spending most of your day’s mountain biking in Taos.
  3. The hills between which Taos nests sound magical with professional as well as aspiring opera singers flocking to the area to participate in the Taos Opera Institute concerts that are organized in June. This decades-old tradition responsible for bringing together the greatest of musicians amidst the lap of nature makes Taos a must-visit for not just the nature lovers but everybody passionate about music.
  4. Who wouldn’t love to explore the rich cultural heritage of a gorgeous city? The only living Native community to be given the tag of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the entire USA is that of the people of Taos Pueblo. The Pueblo dwellings that are located about 20 miles from the valley are worth a visit. Take a Pueblo guide along and explore!
  5. If you are up for some thrilling adventure sports, try out whitewater rafting.

The narrow stretches along the Rio Grande river make for the perfect adrenaline-pumping adventure! You may even try out your hand at fly fishing. Hire a local guide to make the most of the experience.


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